What is Disney Genie+

Disney Genie+ is a new in the Disney World app. Is it like magic? Disney offers a new way to plan your day in the park.

What are the benefits of using Disney Genie+? 

Disney Genie+, a new app by Disney, is an application that allows you to plan your whole trip around Walt Disney World. It has everything you need for planning and will help make your vacation easier. The app includes maps, ride wait times, dining reservations and more!

Is Disney Genie worth it ?

What's your favorite Disney ride? Does the Genie app know where you'll get a good seat for that! When it comes time to plan out our day, we can use this handy little tool and be pampered in no time. We just enter what types of attractions or foods interest us most along with other preferences like princesses or pirates - then off they go on their journey across Walt Disney World resort lands answering all these questions before finally delivering a personalized itinerary tailored just for me :)

Disney Genie vs Genie Plus

The Genie Plus is the best way to go when you want more than just a basic genie. It has all of Lightning Lanes features.

The cost per day for this service is $15 per person which makes it a luxury versus the old FastPass+.  You can only ride every attraction one time.  Also, there are pay per ride attractions Lightning Lanes in each park like the new Remis Rattatouille attraction or StarWars Rise of the Resistance.

Disney Genie and Annual Pass

It's not a deal. With your Annual Pass, you don’t get any Genie Plus! You have to pay when it would be convenient for you to pay.  Should AP get Genie Plus for free or after a certain hour like Universal Studio AP ?

What are your thoughts about the new Disney Genie? Are you excited to plan out every minute of your day when visiting Walt Disney World Resort for the first time or does it not sound appealing at all. We would love to hear what you have to say in the comments below!